Sustainable Construction

Rebuilding the Lake Atitlán community by up-cycling trash and waste


What We Do

Working with community partners, we employ creative strategies to address environmental degradation and building needs, all while strengthening the voice and involvement of program members. By collecting and transforming trash, we help lessen costs and decrease environmental stresses caused by dumping. We are then able to utilize these waste products to build community-identified needs, such as classrooms and playgrounds. The low cost and tech of these projects ensure the successful replication by our partners and other members of the community, thereby decreasing foreign dependence.

Did You Know?

Bottle Schools and Tire Playgrounds

Working alongside community members, we up-cycle waste materials, such as plastic bottles and used tires to improve the community and its people. We transform discarded tires into playgrounds in destitute areas and otherwise empty school yards. These structures offer safe spaces for children to play and provide an environmentally-friendly alternative to the improper disposal of tires. Recycled bottles are used in the construction of schools and garden beds.