Gardening and Nutrition

Eliminating malnourishment in the Lake Atitlán community one seed at a time

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Why We Do It

Despite the fact that many families are farmhands, and agriculture accounts for a significant proportion of the Guatemalan economy, few residents of rural communities in Solola have experience with diversified gardening, and rarely do families have their own household garden. Through our garden training series we provide hands on, interactive trainings that are delivered to local families in rural Guatemalan communities via our community health educators (all of whom are residents of the communities in which their trainings are delivered) and experienced international volunteers.

Family Garden Training Series: Vilma’s Garden

Vilma’s garden is located in the rural mountain community of Paneybar (part of the San Juan La Laguna municipality). Vilma initiated her garden because she wants to end the malnutrition prevalent in the area. She also wants to ensure the health and the general well-being of the community. Her ambition is to work with Rising Minds in replicating her garden with families across Panyebar so that they can provide the nutritional alimentation necessary to ensure their children and families have access to better health, regardless of the economic and accessibility issues.

Seed Bank

We produce seeds with high nutritional value with the intention of tackling the most prevalent nutritional deficiencies found in the rural communities in which we are based. Seeds are distributed amongst families who participate in our health and nutrition & garden training series. In 2014 the Rising Minds Seed Bank has harvested over 21,000 organic, heirloom seeds.