Education and Community Enrichment

Joining forces with local schools and communities to foster effective and interactive education and community


What We Do

Rising Minds works in partnership with locally-founded, locally run initiatives to support communities in identifying and addressing their needs. We provide on-the-ground assistance in the form of trainings, consultant-style guidance and volunteer facilitation. Through Rising Minds’ proactive involvement we are reinforcing a sense of self- respect, instilling a foundation of accountability, and ensuring the sustainability of our impact.

Did you know?

English Reinforcement

Focusing on the introduction of new English vocabulary, phrases, and grammar structure, this program helps create an equal and equitable learning environment for all students. The program also explores different English teaching techniques, with an emphasis on interactivity and inclusivity.

Youth Leadership Camps

Rising Minds Youth Leadership Camps serve indigenous children between the ages of 7-19. Through hands-on activities, our programs cultivate a greater sense of self-confidence and creative expression, strengthen communication & team-working skills, and inspire community involvement among Guatemala’s future leaders.

First Aid & CPR Trainings

In communities located more than 45 minutes from emergency response care, there is a pressing need for emergency response training. The primary goal of Rising Minds’ first-aid and CPR program is to provide the skills for immediate response to life-threatening situations, such as choking.