About Us

In 2006, Rising Minds became an official non-profit organization that works to empower locally committed, globally active leaders through the integration of education, awareness, and action.

  • 2006

    We Decided to Make a Difference

    Rising Minds works with local initiatives to address community-identified needs and builds strong relationships based on mutual respect and exchange. Our programs provide hand-ups as opposed to hand-outs to ensure accountability, not perpetuate dependency and always implement locally-appropriate and replicable solutions.

  • 2010

    We Moved in 2010

    Following five years of successful international partnerships and sustainable community development in Jocotenango, Guatemala, Rising Minds moved its operations to Lake Atitlan, where many pockets of indigenous communities exist.

Our Mission

Rising Minds’ mission is to bridge cultural, economic and developmental gaps through the integration of education, awareness, and action. We aim to inspire locally committed and globally active leaders through personalizing complex global issues, empowering proactive change-makers, and facilitating contextualized educational outreach.

  • 2015

    Looking Forward

    Rising Minds is on a mission to continue working with communities to develop and expand program initiatives, increase program sustainability and increase our number of full time Community Health Workers. Financial resources and volunteers are crucial to our functions, so please continue scrolling to learn more about our programs and how you can donate or support our organization.

Our Programs

Rising Minds’ initiatives and programs involve local communities in identifying and addressing their own needs in environmentally-conscious and replicable ways. We do not believe it is our place to tell others what they need, nor how they should live, but instead utilize an exchange-based approach, sharing ideas and working with, rather than for, communities. Click below to learn more about each program.

Visit Us

Rising Minds offers a variety of cultural immersion workshops, tours and expeditions, and homestays for you to participate in when you come to visit Guatemala. Explore below to learn more about how you can see Mayan living from the inside and have an authentic cultural experience.

Support Us

We need your help to continue on with our mission to provide sustainable resources and replicable programs for the local people of Guatemala. Learn more about how you can donate, volunteer or work with us, and sponsor our partners.


Please consider making a tax-deductible donation, making a gift through our gift catalog, or sponsoring our partners so that we may continue to carry out our work in Guatemala and abroad.


Rising Minds offers a variety of volunteer opportunities and projects that empowers and encourages participants to learn more about the people of Guatemala and assist in the furtherance of our programming.

Job Opportunities

Rising Minds is constantly striving to add new valuable members to our team. Learn more about our open director positions and international or remote internships. We hope to find passionate, culturally aware people to join our family.